I wish I wore a smile

Bright as the sun,

Lively as the breeze.

I wish I wore a smile,

Calm as the sea.

Lively as a bumble bee.

Like any pie, one slice is worth having.

Author Danielle Robinson reveals her debut poetry collection, A Slice of Purple Pie.

This book has pre-baked words filled with strength, sympathy, peace and passion. The poems propose many delicious and unique rhythms. Her content explores the matters of love, sorrow, joyfulness, racial pride, spirituality, curiosity and unity.

In every blended portion, her voice truly extracts sweetness and a savory to fill your soul with courage.

The poems composed for this debut were personally selected by Danielle Robinson. Her intentions were to feed your thoughts. It will leave your soul delighted, topped with a whip of exquisite wisdom and elegance.